Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saying Goodbye to a Happy Year

What a year we've passed! Politics, economics, rumors, sports, disasters all in one and we closed the year full of excitement and hope for the coming year :)

IDR 114900

Sure Dress (SD01) available in pink and white.
Very comfort and stretch material
All size, can fit to XL

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Have a Good Dose of Sunbath

Holiday mood is in the air as we reaching an end of another year. What's been good and what could have been better? Are all of your resolutions have been accomplished, already have plans for the commencing year of 2011? Whatever you've been going through this year, it's already happened. Take lessons and move on. Life will never waits those who just sit on the corner. And you.. deserve a good dose of sunbath.

This set of collection is perfect match to accompany you to a sunny island where you could just rest and relax. It as made of sheer cotton, very light and comfort. The most thing I love about clothes is when it doesn't need an extra effort to take care of, and this set is fulfilled it. No ironing needed :)

V - neck sheer beach dress, available in blue and brown
Double rubber sheer beach dress, available in white and green
All size, can fit into XL size
Inner, cardigan are not included
IDR 99000

Monday, November 1, 2010

Rain-Free Day

I'm so happy today. After a long long time, Jakarta is not raining. The sun shines so bright and hot hot hot!! Which I much more prefer than wet wet wet. Compare to last Monday, heavy rain everywhere made unbearable traffic jam. I was almost unable to reach home at that time. I called to get a taxi and the operator always say 'please try to call back in one hour'. At the end I decided to take public bus, and it was 12 pm! Thanks God a lot of people still around tried to get home just like I did and a kind hearted friend of mine accompany me, so I am sure I was in a 'real' bus although I didn't check whether the driver had face or not. I don't think I'd care anyway, as long as I could reach home. To celebrate the sunny weather I took several unusual pictures after got home

In picture below, I was trying to say happy out loud and the camera supposed to take picture when I finished. Somehow it clicked to soon and I didn't have a chance to finish the word.... Other way to say is the picture was taken when I said hhHHaaa... (ppppyyyy) :D

 Headphone T shirt, available in white and yellow (will share the picture later on). All size, cotton, very roomy and comfort. IDR 99000
V-neck sheer beach dress, available in brown and blue (detail picture later on). All size, sheer cotton. IDR 99000

Sun glasses T shirt, available in white only. All size, cotton, IDR 99000
Double rubber sheer beach dress, available in green and white (same as previous, detail picture later). All size, sheer cotton. IDR 99000

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I just love the dress pattern and how soft the material is. It has elastic rubber under bust, ensure perfect fit to your body. A dress that can be worn in every occasions. A must have in your closet.

Pattern dress (PH01)
Come in two colors white/blue and charcoal/white (belt is not included)
All size
Length 87cm
Bust up to 90cm
Price IDR 114900

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We are back from holiday. Days when we got up early to went to the beach, welcoming the sun and heading to as far as these feet can bear. We had a lot of fun, and we believe fun is in our heart we carry with us. Always.

Closet is one of sources of fun. Dig to the lowest pile we find our precious pieces, with a whip of creativity turning them to something different. LooOve the invention of rubber bands in fashion, grateful for its versatility.  Clothes with rubber bands (skirt, dress, top) can be worn in many different ways yet still comfort.

 Plaid dress IDR 84500, belt is not included

Triple bows shirt IDR 49000, Flamingo dress as skirt IDR 119000, belt is not included

Bubbly skirt as tube top IDR 49000

Plain dress IDR 87500, Bubbly skirt IDR 49000

Check out our bargain bash promo for fantastic offer and do keep visiting this blog. We are launching new items very soon.


PS:Miss the holiday!!! ;(

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vacation...Vacation !

Curious on our whereabouts? Woohoo!!..we are on vacation now...enjoying sunny beach, crystal blue water and silky golden sand

We are really sorry for not being able to answer your queries. But don't worry, we'll be back on Monday October 11th. With new collection of course

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Lucky One 0910

Such a busy days, but never forget to spread joy to surrounding.
Here is our Miss lucky for this month...

Stefani Tarasistha

Congratulation dear, and keep shopping!! :D

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In Love with Diana Rikasari

She is so lovely wearing our connect the dots collection.

And I think it's not too late to say Happy Lebaran to those who celebrate... :)
And.. it's never too late for a little shopping, seriously!