Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We are back from holiday. Days when we got up early to went to the beach, welcoming the sun and heading to as far as these feet can bear. We had a lot of fun, and we believe fun is in our heart we carry with us. Always.

Closet is one of sources of fun. Dig to the lowest pile we find our precious pieces, with a whip of creativity turning them to something different. LooOve the invention of rubber bands in fashion, grateful for its versatility.  Clothes with rubber bands (skirt, dress, top) can be worn in many different ways yet still comfort.

 Plaid dress IDR 84500, belt is not included

Triple bows shirt IDR 49000, Flamingo dress as skirt IDR 119000, belt is not included

Bubbly skirt as tube top IDR 49000

Plain dress IDR 87500, Bubbly skirt IDR 49000

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PS:Miss the holiday!!! ;(

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