Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life Lover

It's way far from February and maybe you are now far from your love ones. Time is tickling without waiting and before you know you are falling in love with your life. Looking at years you have been through, full of laugh, tears and of course with such familiar mixed feeling that stumbling in your stomach every morning you wake up. Sometime you want to runaway, sometime you wish you could stop, turn back, make time move faster, sometime you wish to have other life.

Whatever happen in your life was or now never regret it permanently. Take your time to grieve, scream, cry, throw things, anything to make you feel better as long as you don't forget to always get your butt out of the bed, wipe your tears, open your window, feel the morning sun gently brushes your face and love your life again.

VC01 - VC02 - VC03

Floral maxi dress. You can make a bow on your chest or tie a knot at the back of your neck
Available in 3 colors, white (sold), pink (sold) and purple (sold) background.
The cool thing is, this cotton maxi will not consume your time in ironing. It doesn't have to be ironed. It meant to be swirled to keep its disheveled texture.
You surely don't have to worry bout the size, thanks to stretchable band at the back it fits in to S-L person.
Length with the strap is 135cm

Price IDR 69.000


SAMM said...


With love, Samm

Zabrinah said...

What a beautiful maxi dress! I absolutely love it!

What wonderful, inspiring words you wrote!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


isna april said...

@SAMM, sure will check it out

@Zabrinah, tks dear really appreciate it :)

michelle_ said...

nice dress !
and yes the photos in my blog are mostly taken by myself :)

Jonesy said...

Love the dress!

cute photos! I like your blog. I'm a new follower YAY!! Please check out mine when you get a chance ( I hope you follow back : )

Wynne Prasetyo said...

beautiful floral dresses!